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- F. Diego Jaramillo

Father Diego Jaramillo Cuartas was born in Yarumal (Antioquia) in 1932. In 1958, he was ordained a priest within the Congregation of Jesus and Mary - Eudists, of which he is still a member.

Father Diego graduated with a degree in Theology from the Pontifical Javeriana University and also obtained a degree in Pastoral Theology at the Catholic Institute of Paris. While as a high school student at the Seminary of Santa Rosa de Osos, he first read the stories of Father Rafael Garcia Herreros. Father Diego eventually met Father Rafael in Usaquén in the early 1950s and subsequently became involved with his work in 1955 when he helped build the first houses to eradicate slums.

In 1967, Father Rafael appointed Father Diego to the Board of Directors of El Minuto de Dios Corporation. In 1970, Father Diego was named deputy director of the entity and shortly thereafter entrusted with the management of the Housing Improvement Program - Promevi. Following the death of Father Garcia Herreros in November 1992, the Board of El Minuto de Dios appointed Fater Diego Jaramillo as president of the organization.

In the mid-1980s, Father Jaramillo created the Minute of God Charismatic Center (bookstores, stations, schools of evangelization retreat house), Lumen 2000 Colombia (television) and HHC El Minuto de Dios. With the assistance of Father Garcia Herreros, he also established FUNDASES and the University Corporation Minuto de Dios.

As a trainer and evangelizer in the Eudist Community, Father Jaramillo has committed himself to the Eudist principle of forming good Gospel workers. Among the activities associated with this endeavor are spiritual direction, confession, vocational accompaniment to seminarians, and fraternal and pastoral accompaniment to priests.

As a preacher and a writer, Father Jaramillo has been one of the main leaders and trainers in the Charismatic Renewal within the Catholic Church.

He has published over a hundred books on spirituality and Christian formation in addition to a large collection of Eudists biographical books. Additionally, he compiled and is currently publishing the complete works of Father Rafael García Herreros, of which 30 volumes have been released.

As president of El Minuto de Dios, Father Jaramillo Cuartas’ leadership and vision has contributed to the growth of the organization in all fields.

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